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How to Book an Event

We currently have 5 trucks in operation and offer two parties a day (lunch or dinner). We have 2 time slots per truck available per day.

  • LUNCH:  arrive at 11AM, typically serve pizzas and salad from 12-2PM, serve gelatos, cappucinos, espressos from 2-3PM, clean up at 3 to leave no later than 4PM.
  • DINNER:  arrive at 6PM, typically serve pizzas and salad from 7-9PM, dessert from 9-10PM. Clean up at 10 to leave by 11PM.

Note: If your event is going to be over 125 people, please contact us at
Check Availability

Plan Ahead:

Due to an overwhelming response to our catering experience, we recommend you reserve your date with as much time as possible, especially if you are hosting a large event and more than one truck is required.  Parties are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  Weekends, during summer months, are our most popular and book about a year in advance.

In addition to booking your event date, please make sure beforehand that our trucks are able to park at your venue. We need to park outdoors on a relatively flat, solid surface with enough room to set out our preparation area.


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