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Welcome to the Big Green Truck!

We are a catering service based in New Haven, Connecticut. We do pizza parties from the back of an antique truck which we have specially outfitted as a mobile pizzeria. We pull up to the party location, turn the wooden side panels of the truck into tables, heat up the wood fired pizza oven, and begin making pizzas. We bring a wide variety of pizza toppings, make both traditional and gourmet pizzas, and take special requests. We serve the pizzas and a traditional green salad with balsamic vinaigrette buffet style on tables. After the guests have had their fill of pizza, we serve a variety of gelatos and ice creams for dessert. The truck also has a cappuccino machine, which we use to provide both regular and decaf espressos and cappuccinos towards the end of the party. We carry all the equipment we need and provide all the necessary paper goods. All the host has to do is provide cold beverages and cups for guests and any seating or shelter needed for the party. Parties are booked in prearranged slots: lunch (arrive at 11am, leave by 4pm) or dinner (arrive at 6pm, leave by 11pm). The max per truck is 125 people. Larger groups can be handled by scheduling multiple trucks. There is no minimum number, however, since operating a truck is a two person job, we charge the same rate for 50 people or less. We operate the trucks from March to November. We are closed on Mondays. We can and do operate in light rains. Short heavy rains result in a suspension of service until the storm passes.

We have a calendar of available dates. If you see a date open that you would like, call or email to make a reservation. We require a deposit check to hold a date and request the balance at the end of the party. We take checks, sorry no credit cards.