The Original Pizza Truck

Welcome to Big Green Truck Pizza!  We are a catering service based out of New Haven, Connecticut. Our focus is to deliver a one of a kind pizza party experience for all of our clients. Our specially outfitted antique trucks serve as mobile pizzerias, we pull up to the party location, turn the wooden sides into tables, heat up our wood fired pizza oven and start to make fresh, hot pizza’s right on the spot! We bring a multitude of pizza toppings to create any traditional or gourmet pizza you desire!

Big Green Truck brings the party to you and your guests.  Not only do we serve pizza, but we also have a mixed green salad, gelato, cappuccino and espresso.  We carry all the equipment necessary for the event and provide all the paper goods.  As the host, all you need provide are cold beverages  for guests and any seating or shelter needed for the party.

The idea of a pizza party or a mobile food truck might not have been new; however to merge the two was a wonderful inception created over a decade ago.  With the help of our customers continued support and accolades you have allowed us to grow to a fleet of six trucks!  Five trucks run throughout Connecticut and our newest truck was created especially for Westchester County.

 For more information on reserving a date, please visit the Book a Party page.

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